The Student Theatre of Joensuu continues their yearly tradition of English plays with A.A. Milne’s play Belinda. The play is directed by Kati Vallius and features Jimmy C. Fox as the charming Belinda.

Belinda herself.

The play takes place in aprily Devonshire, where lady Belinda amuses herself with her two admirers: statistical Mr Baxter and poetical Mr Devenish.

Mr Devenish and Mr Baxter…

…Being lead around by Mrs Belinda Tremayne

Things get more complicated when Belinda’s daughter Delia arrives from Paris.

Delia is amused to find her mother at her old games…

To ensure further chaos, Belinda’s long lost husband returns.

Mr Tremayne is unrecognized by his wife, partly because he introduces himself as Mr Robinson…

Belinda is a typical comedy of the beginning of the 20th century: the humour is based on misunderstandings, false identities and double meanings.

Who loves who and what is the outcome?

The result may be deduced, but make no mistake, the process is a tangle full of laughs!

A light touch and comedy are guaranteed!

Text: Kati Vallius & Mikael McKeough
Photos: Belinda group

Menneet 2006

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